The White Doberman has the same characteristics of the common Doberman dog, with the difference that its coat and skin are white. Also called Doberman albino, this type of dog owes this peculiar characteristic to the mutation of a gene due to the lack of an essential protein for the pigmentation of the skin and coat.

This condition is not exclusive to Doberman breed dogs, other dogs of other breeds also suffer from it, as well as other animals and even humans.

Characteristics of the White Doberman

Besides being distinguished by their completely white coat and skin, these dogs also have light eyes, almost always light blue. Their coat is short and close to the skin and their body is slender and athletic.

Like the common Doberman dog, the albino Doberman is a family dog and at the same time an excellent guard dog that will be relentless with intruders.

Images of the White Doberman

albino doberman
white doberman lying down
albino doberman with other dobermans
albino doberman


Working Dogs


24 to 28 inches from floor to back


Between 60 lb and 80 lb

Life Expectancy

10 to 12 years old

Albinism implies a series of special cares that must be taken with these dogs, since they are more vulnerable to suffer from skin diseases as well as blindness.

Care and protection of a White Doberman

The condition of their skin makes these dogs vulnerable to the sun, so you should provide them with a space that has enough shade, especially in summer and during the hottest hours of the day.

If you take them for a walk, try to take them at a cool time and look for places where there is shade to shelter them, such as a park with trees.

Also their light eyes can suffer with the intensity of the light, so you can consider buying special glasses for albino dogs in a pet store.

Use a protective cream to spread on his skin if you are going to expose him to the sun.

Use a special shampoo or soap to help treat your Doberman Albino’s skin.

Other Doberman Albino considerations

The albino Doberman may have problems interacting with other animals, since their partial blindness makes them fearful and in most cases they tend to become distrustful and in extreme cases aggressive.

White Doberman Health

White Dobermans can obviously suffer from the diseases typical of the Doberman breed.

White Dobermans are more vulnerable than common Dobermans, as their condition makes them susceptible to skin diseases such as skin cancer.

If they are exposed too much time to intense sun, they can suffer considerable skin burns.

Insect and mite bites can become complicated in this type of dog since their skin is more vulnerable.

Controversy with White Dobermans

Some experts claim that white Dobermans are not albinos, that they actually have pigments in their skin, that their skin is not exactly white but cream or ivory colored, and that they have blue eyes.

These dogs are not allowed to participate in championships or competitions where breed purity is required. However, they can participate in other dog events such as those related to temperament and obedience tests, as well as in sporting events such as: Ring Sport, Flyball, Agility, etc.

The white color of their skin makes these dogs not well accepted for activities related to night guarding, since they can be easily seen in the dark, however, as Dobermans they can be used in rescue and salvage tasks, since in this case, being seen in the dark becomes an advantage.

What is the price of a White Doberman?

White Dobermans or albinos are very rare and not abundant, due to the controversy that awakens in their breeders the health problems that they usually present. For this reason and for their exotic character they are a little more expensive. The price of a White Doberman puppy in the USA ranges between $1500 and $2500 usd, if purchased from a prestigious breeder. Of course the price of an albino Doberman baby will also depend on its pedigree, vaccinations, etc.

In Latin America in general the cost of a white Doberman puppy does not exceed $1000 usd if bought from a specialized breeder. If you go to an informal market such as mercado libre you will find dogs for a much lower cost, however, if you want to have absolute guarantee of buying an authentic albino Doberman it is best to buy it from a reputable breeder and not from a stranger.

Keep in mind that this is the initial cost, that is, the cost of acquiring the puppy. Then his maintenance will have other additional costs related to food, vaccinations and other veterinary care services, his toys and accessories, etc.

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