The first Dobermans arrived in America in 1908. Then in 1921 the Pinscher Club of Doberman America was founded, which marked an important milestone in the development of the breed in the USA, which would later expand throughout the American continent.

Although it has a great resemblance to its peer: the European Doberman, there are unique characteristics that distinguish it:

Photos of the American Doberman

doberman lying in a garden
doberman brown or carmelite
doberman dog in the snow

Characteristics of the American Doberman


Working dog


Males are 26 to 28 inches from the ground to the shoulder. Females are 24 to 26 inches.


Males weigh between 75 lb and 100 lb. Females weigh between 60 and 80 lbs.

Life Expectancy

10 to 13 years

ther specifications of the American Doberman

These dogs have a thin head and a slender muzzle. Their neck is thin and slender. Their chest is smaller than that of the European Doberman. Their paw patches are more fiery. They have compact legs. Their body is more athletic, with less fat and more fibrous muscles.

What colors can the American Doberman have?

The American Doberman is characterized by the colors: black, red, blue and beige or fawn (also known as Isabela).

In terms of temperament, the American Doberman is an intelligent, affectionate and very familiar dog, so it can be a companion animal, unlike its European counterpart, which is more suitable for work. This does not mean that the American Doberman cannot be used in typical Doberman duties such as security work as a guard dog, search and rescue, etc.

American Doberman Health

The American Doberman is prone to the same health problems as a common Doberman. Among the possible disorders are:

  • Gastric dilatation and volvulus syndrome
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy
  • Chronic active hepatitis
  • Hypothyroidism and osteosarcoma (bone cancer)
  • See other Doberman diseases

However, you should not be alarmed, the fact that your dog may suffer from any of these diseases does not mean that he will suffer from them. The most common thing is that your dog is healthy and healthy, of course, this will depend on the lifestyle you subject him to, as well as his care and protection, including his diet, vaccinations, etc.

What is the price of an American Doberman?

The American Doberman is usually a little cheaper than its European counterpart. The price of an American Doberman puppy in the USA ranges from $1500 usd to $2500 usd.

Of course the price will be given by the breeder you buy it from as well as other factors such as the dog’s pedigree, vaccinations, etc.

Why choose an American Doberman?

The American Doberman is a slender and elegant dog, with a more athletic build than its European counterpart. On the other hand, it is a very loving and family-oriented dog. It is an intelligent dog that learns easily, however, it is recommended for people who have some experience in handling dogs. It is also an excellent dog to participate in competitions.

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