It is a breed of dog of Russian origin. Originally bred for hunting, sledding and herding reindeer, Samoyed dogs proved to be a valuable companion for the Samoyed people of northwestern Siberia. Among their functions are: pulling sleds, tracking targets and it is said that they are even responsible for warming their owners by sleeping on top of them on cold Siberian nights. A working breed, the Samoyed can be strong-willed at times, but above all they are friendly, gentle and loyal family dogs.

Images of Samoyed Dogs

Samoyed Dog
Samoyed Dog in the forest
Samoyed Dog with pink background
Samoyed Dog puppy

Characteristics of the German shepherd Shepherd Dog


Spitz Dogs


Females between 48 cm and 53 cm. Males between 53 cm and 60 cm


Females between 16 kg and 20 kg, Males between 20 kg and 30 kg

Life Expectancy

From 12 to 13 years

Characteristics of the breed


Samoyeds are dogs that by nature are used to open spaces, so they are not easily adaptable to live in closed spaces such as apartments. They are dogs with a stubborn and lively temperament, although they are sociable and playful they are not the most suitable for a novice owner. They are very sensitive dogs, so you should treat them with great affection. Being cold climate dogs, they tolerate cold water very well, but not hot water.

Level of empathy

The Samoyed breed is characterized by being very affectionate and affectionate. They are extremely affectionate dogs with the family, particularly with children. They establish very good relationships with other dogs and other animals you may have at home. They are also friendly with strangers or people outside the house.


This type of dog is very hairy so you will find their hair often in any corner. That is why it is advisable to brush them several times a week. They are easy to handle, groom and comb for any occasion. They are generally small to medium dogs and are prone to gain weight, so you should be rigorous in their diet.


Samoyeds are generally healthy dogs.

Care and Precautions

It is advisable to systematically visit the veterinarian to check the animal and prevent any type of disease or in case there is one, cure it immediately. In this way, it will also be up to date with its vaccinations and deworming.

How to train a Samoyed?

Dogs of this breed are easy to train since they are very intelligent.

It is advisable to start training the puppy when it is about 8 weeks old. It is important to show affection to establish a certain degree of empathy and rapport so that the animal feels confident. Start by carefully touching your puppy’s paws, ears, tail….

Like any other dog, it is important that your Samoyed learns basic issues such as how to relate and acclimatize to all members of the family, especially with children, to avoid unnecessary barking so as not to disturb the neighbors. He must learn to relieve himself in the place you have designated for that purpose, learn to contain his bite when he plays with you, not to bite socks or objects and furniture in the house… in short, the list is long.

How to feed a Samoyed dog?

Samoyeds, like other breeds, need a balanced diet of products rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats.

The amount and frequency of feeding will depend on their weight, physical activity and ailments. It is advisable a diet based on natural products such as meat, fish and vegetables, but there is also a wide variety of dog food that are an excellent source of food for your pet.

You can also provide homemade food based on meat, vegetables and fish. In the article: how to feed your dog, you will find more information on the types of food suitable for dogs, as well as tips and methods associated with feeding them.