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The Sable Shepherd Dog or Sable German Shepherd is also known as Grey German Shepherd, as its name indicates, is a variety of the German Shepherd. This breed originated in Germany, it is said that it arose from the crossing of the German Shepherd with wolves, with the purpose of achieving a herding dog, although its physical and behavioral qualities make these dogs very useful in other tasks related to security, support for disabled people, in the search for explosives, narcotics and drugs, in rescue tasks, etc.

Images of Sable Shepherd Dogs

Sable Shepherd Dog
Sable Shepherd Dog
Sable Shepherd Dog
Sable Shepherd Dog

Characteristics of the Sable Shepherd Dog


Shepherd Dogs


Male between 65 cm and 70 cm, female between 60 cm and 65 cm.


Between 36 kg and 47 kg for males, and between 27 kg and 35 kg for females

Life Expectancy

From 11 to 15 years

Gray German Shepherds are generally characterized as strong dogs. What most distinguishes them from a common German Shepherd is their coat, but even within their category the coat differs depending on the type of Sable Shepherd in question.

Types of Sable German Shepherd Dogs

These dogs are mostly grey in color, that is why they are also known as Grey Shepherd or Grey German Shepherd, although there are also other types of Sable German Shepherd such as the Silver Sable Shepherd or Silver Sable Shepherd, the Black Sable Shepherd and the Golden Sable Shepherd or Golden Sable German Shepherd. Almost all of them have a black mask on their muzzle. Their gums may be black or shades of pink. Their paws usually have a light brown color, although unlike other types of German Shepherd Dogs, the dark color will always dominate in the Sable German Shepherd Dog. The eyes of this breed are distinguished by their almond-shaped color and black eyelids.

Coat of the Sable German Shepherd

In general, the tail of the Sable Shepherd has a longer coat than the rest of the body. Its coat is characterized by two layers: a longer and thicker coat on the outside, and a shorter coat on the inside to protect it from low temperatures.

Adaptability of Sable Shepherd Dogs

Sable German Shepherds adapt easily to any environment. They are very good trainers due to their great intelligence. They are very loyal dogs. They are very affectionate dogs and can relate without worry with children and all family members.

Grooming and Health

Combing or brushing: As they are dogs with abundant hair, they should be combed daily as much as possible.

Bathing: As for bathing, two baths are recommended in a period of 15 days, one dry, and the other using water and liquids.

Ear and ear cleaning: Ear cleaning should always be superficial, without introducing objects inside the ears. They should be done gently.

Nail trimming: It should be done systematically and taking care in the case of dark or black nails to distinguish well the root, so as not to cause an injury to the animal.

Tooth brushing: It should be done up to 3 times a week, never use products such as fluoride-based dental gel since unlike humans dogs do not spit but always swallow.

Cleaning the eyes: Moisten a cloth and wipe them gently until all dirt and grime is removed.

In general, Sable Shepherd Dogs are healthy, however, in very sporadic cases, like other types of German Shepherds, they could suffer from health problems of genetic origin such as hip dysplasia and others also frequent in this breed such as Von Willenbrand’s disease, a pancreatic deficiency that causes health disorders in the animal.

Care and Precautions

It is advisable to go systematically to the veterinarian to check the animal and prevent any type of disease, as well as to be aware of their vaccinations and deworming periods.

It is also necessary to control its feeding, because it is a dog that has a tendency to put on weight if it eats too much and can have health problems associated with obesity.

It is recommended to always opt for a quality food and in adequate quantities, if possible in several feedings a day, which will also prevent it from suffering from dangerous gastric torsion.

For the German Shepherd to be physically and mentally healthy, the most important thing is to provide plenty of physical exercise, preferably in open spaces and fields. In case it is done in the city, it should wear the necessary precautionary measures such as leashes and muzzle.

How to train a Sable Shepherd?

Dogs of this breed are easy to train as they are very intelligent. .

It is advisable to start training them when they are puppies. It is important to show affection so that the animal feels in an environment of trust.

You should start by giving him direct instructions such as lie down or run and then reward him for his attitude with a reward such as a food he likes.

Do not yell at or abuse your dog. Learn to recognize the moments when you are losing patience and stop the training session in a friendly way.

Among the exercises to which they should be systematically subjected are those related to energy expenditure such as running, jumping over obstacles, fetch games, etc.

A tool that is very useful and is increasingly being used in training is the training collar for dogs. A device in the form of a collar that emits an electric current to the dog’s neck to give him a signal, thus replacing the command voice. With a remote control you can give instructions to your dog even when he is relatively far away and can’t hear you well or can’t see you.

Grey German Shepherd Puppy

Sable German Shepherd puppies are often confused with other types of German Shepherd, since the characteristics of coat and color are not marked until they reach a certain age, however the personality of this breed is formed from a young age, so this is the ideal stage to adopt them and begin their training. They are playful, full of energy, although from this young age they will already be showing signs of their personality and character.

To get a puppy of this breed it is enough that one of the parents is a German Shepherd Sable. When both parents are sable shepherds, a degradation of the color occurs and this also happens with the black-brown color.

What is the price of a Grey Shepherd Dog?

The price will depend on several factors such as the country where you make the purchase, if it is an adult dog or a puppy as well as the pedigree of the same. In general it could be said that the cost ranges between $50 and $500 US dollars. You can also buy online although you should be cautious, it is better to know the source of origin.

Before buying a dog you should be sure to ask the seller for the pedigree certificate and make sure it is properly vaccinated. Do a physical check-up to make sure of its physical and health conditions. Check its size, coat, gums and teeth.

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