The answer is no, definitely when we talk about the German shepherd Shepherd or the German Shepherd, we are talking about the same dog, so why two names for the same dog breed?

Brief history of the Alsatian Dog

Historically, the German Shepherd has been used in war confrontations thanks to its abilities and aptitudes as a strong, intelligent and easy to train dog. During the First World War (1914-1918) both opponents used the German Shepherd in various tasks and even in battles.

The British were reluctant to use the name “German Shepherd” to refer to their dogs, so they opted to use the appellative Alsatian Dog. Curiously, not all the allies of the British side followed the same rule; the Americans, for example, continued to call this valuable dog by its original name: German Shepherd.

In the countries that were victims of the German invasion during that confrontation, people also, out of resentment for the invaders, acquired the habit of calling this dog with the nickname Alsatian Dog.

After the war, once the differences between the former opponents had been ironed out, the original name of the breed regained its place even in Great Britain. However, even today, many still call it Alsatian Dog.

Images of Alsatian Dogs

photo of alsatian shepherd
alsatian shepherd dog
German shepherd Shepherd

Where did the name “Alsatian” come from?

It is said that the name of the Alsatian Dog comes from the Alsace-Lorraine region, on the border between France and Germany, a place where a strong confrontation occurred in the war between the British and German forces.

Characteristics of the German shepherd Shepherd Dog


Shepherd Dogs


Between 60cm and 65cm for the male, and between 55cm and 60cm for the female.


Between 36kg and 47kg for the male, and between 27kg and 35kg for the female.

Life Expectancy

From 11 to 15 years

German shepherd Dog Controversy

However, there is still controversy about the origin of the name for the German shepherd dog. Many people defend the idea that the German shepherd Shepherd is a different breed and that there are physical differences between it and the German Shepherd in terms of stature, coat color, hair length, proportions, etc.

Proponents of this theory even claim that this dog has its origins in the Alsace region of France. However, these arguments are unfounded, the truth is that it is the same breed to which two different names are attributed.

White German shepherd Shepherd

The White German shepherd Shepherd refers to the White German Shepherd, whose official name is White Swiss Shepherd. It is characterized by its all-white coat that contrasts with its black muzzle and dark eyes. In contrast, there is also the black German shepherd Shepherd, which is characterized by its totally black coat.

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