The Argentinean Greyhound, also known as the Galgo Criollo, Galgo Barbucho or Patagonian Greyhound is a breed of dog conceived for hunting purposes. It is commonly used in hunting wild boar and other Patagonian animals, although they are also bred for the purpose of competing in dog races. Like the Dogo Argentino, it is an authentically Argentine dog, in the case of the Galgo Barbucho specifically from the Patagonian region.

Images of the Argentinean Greyhound

Argentine Greyhound
Argentine Greyhound

Characteristics of the Argentinean Greyhound

The Argentinean Greyhound is a large, athletic and very strong dog. Its muzzle is long and pointed, with thin lips that do not hang down. Its bite is strong and scissor-shaped. His eyes are dark and almond-shaped. Its ears are short, folded back, although they stand up if the dog is alert. It has a robust, upright neck. Its body is long, with defined, arched ribs and a tucked up belly. Its chest is narrow but strong. The tail is long, curved upwards and shaggy.

Characteristics of the Argentinean Greyhound


Hunting Dogs


Males measure at least 70 cm. Females at least 65 cm.


Males weigh about 45 kg. Females around 40 kg

Life Expectancy

10 to 13 years old

What color can the Argentinean Greyhound be?

The Argentinean Greyhound is found in various colors, predominantly dark gray to black tones in its coat. There are also beige or yellowish shades and several colors can coexist in the animal such as white and gray or black. The eyes must be dark to be considered legitimate, almond-shaped and with black rims.

Argentine Greyhounds are large dogs so it is preferable to breed them in open spaces or houses that have a garden or yard. Although they are not usually aggressive, remember that it is a strong dog, so you should be cautious if you have children in the house or elderly people, because even unintentionally, with only the intention of playing, they can cause some damage to these people.
Level of empathy

The Barbucho Greyhound can be affectionate with the family, even with children, although as we said before, you should be cautious in their interaction. As a hunter, as is his nature, he may not be friendly with other animals, especially if they may be his prey. He is also wary of strangers. It does not bark unnecessarily.

Small argentine greyhound

Grooming and Health

The Galgo Criollo or Patagonian Greyhound has abundant hair, hard and frizzy on its outer coat. Its coat is shorter and closer to the skin, which helps to protect it from the low temperatures of Patagonia. For this reason it can shed a lot of hair and it is good to brush it at least once a week. It prefers cold water, although you should not over bathe it. It is generally considered a healthy, strong and energetic dog that manages to walk long distances after its prey.

Although they are not prone to gain weight, you should be careful with their feeding, providing them with a balanced diet, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

History of the Argentine Greyhounds

It is said that the creator of the Argentine Greyhounds breed was Dr. Aldo Omar Iriarte. The origins of the breed date back to the end of the year 1700. It is the result of the crossbreeding of several breeds, among which the Irish Wolfhound and the Deerhaound stand out, introduced in Argentina by the British who traded with the natives of Patagonia and Santa Cruz.

Argentine greyhound puppies

With the passing of time, the Irish dog underwent natural transformations produced by the adaptation to the climate of the Argentine Patagonia. On the other hand, the natural crossbreeding of these dogs with dogs of other breeds such as dogos, sheepdogs and other greyhounds influenced its evolution. Another fundamental contribution was made by the nomadic Indians with the selective crossbreeding they made with other dogs and later by the cattle ranchers who settled in the region for extensive sheep breeding.

In this way, this dog became useful in the fields of Patagonia to face predatory animals such as: the red fox, the puma, etc. It was also used to hunt wild boars and other larger animals such as the South American Ñandú.
When is a Galgo Argentino considered legitimate?

For a Galgo Barbucho specimen to be considered legitimate, it must have, in addition to the above mentioned characteristics, the following details:

Small rose-shaped ears with short fur and soft to the touch. Straight legs, with strong bones and muscular shoulders. Black lips and dark eyes. Fingers joined. Long body in proportion to its head and limbs. The front of the head should not be arched upwards, neither too light nor too heavy. The back should not be sunken or completely straight.

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