The Sighthound, also known as Greyhound is a dog originally conceived for hunting as it is very good at chasing wild animals such as rabbits, hares and other small animals, in addition to possessing a formidable sense of sight. For that reason dogs of this breed are historically used in agility competitions, as well as for big game hunting in packs.

On the other hand, its unique nature, friendly personality and elegant appearance make it a favorite as a family companion as well as a companion dog.

Photos of Greyhound Dogs

Greyhound dog
perro lebrel de pelo corto
hound dog with coat
sighthounds running
Greyhound dog


Hound Dogs


18 to 22 inches from floor to back


Between 18 Lb and 48 Lb

Life Expectancy

12 to 15 years old

Breed Characteristics

Most sighthounds are tall and long, with long, narrow heads. Their ears are semi-erect. There are three varieties of this breed:

The Short-Haired Greyhound, among which the following stand out: Spanish Greyhound, Hungarian Greyhound, Polish Greyhound, Italian Greyhound, Greyhound Greyhound, Whippet Greyhound, Azawakh Greyhound and Sloughi Greyhound.

The Wirehaired Hound, among which are: The Irish Wolfhound and the Scottish Hound.

The Long Haired or Wavy Hound, among which are perhaps the most striking: the Afghan Hound, the Saluki Hound and the Russian or Borzoi Hound.


Sighthounds are dogs that adapt easily to living in small spaces such as apartments. If you are a novice owner, or have not had much experience with dogs before, this breed is not the most appropriate, however, it doesn’t mean you can’t take on the challenge. These dogs are highly sensitive and also need companionship, as they are susceptible to loneliness. They do not tolerate cold water, but are comfortable in warm water.

Level of empathy

These dogs are very affectionate so they have a good relationship with the family, even with children. They relate very well with other dogs, this allows them to share the same space in a friendly way. They are usually friendly with other dogs so if you have other dogs they can share their home without problems. You also don’t have to worry about receiving visitors as they are not aggressive with strangers.

Grooming and health

If you are allergic or if you are one of these people concerned about hygiene, the best thing to do is to select a sighthound or greyhound with short hair, since they do not shed a lot of hair. These dogs do not tend to drool and do not soil their living environment too much. Greyhounds do not need to be bathed systematically, however you should be aware of the care of their skin and nails to ensure their health.

If you want to buy a dog of this breed you should inquire with the owner about the health of the parents, since they are prone to genetic diseases, often caused by poor handling of reproduction. In this breed the presence of obesity is very rare, so it will not be necessary to regulate their feeding, as it can happen with other breeds. However, you should provide a balanced diet.

How to feed a Greyhound Dog?

The way to feed a sighthound or greyhound dog, as with all dogs, will depend on its age, size and the amount of physical exercise it is subjected to. Puppies will naturally eat less, although their diet should be reinforced in proteins, vitamins and minerals. In the case of an adult dog, it will require a larger amount than a regular dog because these are large dogs.

Dry dog food can be used in their diet. It can be fed twice a day, always avoiding that it is just after they have exercised. Keep in mind that sighthounds tend to dehydrate easily, so it is important that they always have access to enough water.

How to train a Greyhound Dog?

Greyhounds are running dogs by nature, so they love open spaces. It is important as part of their training that you emphasize their ability to socialize with other people, that they learn to behave on their walks, obeying your orders. He should learn to relieve himself in the place you designate for that purpose or outside the house as part of his walks.

Train your greyhound with praise, patience and positive reinforcement. These dogs are smart and willing, so they learn quickly. Reward him with food or praise when he does what you ask. Never be rough with him and never mistreat or punish him as they are very sensitive dogs and could become withdrawn or depressed, which would bring an opposite effect to what you intend with his training.

In the link you will find more detailed information on how to train a dog that will help you teach your dog to acquire these and other skills.

Other care to consider with the Greyhound

Ensure a clean, dry place in your home as a habitat for your Greyhound. Drinking water should always be available. Also prepare a comfortable bed where he can rest after expending energy. Keep in mind that they are big and heavy animals, so they should have a wide and fluffy bed to help cushion their body.

If your greyhound is short-haired, when you take him out of the house in winter, make sure to provide him with a coat to protect him.

Be sure to provide your sighthound with enough physical exercise to expend his energy. As a minimum, you should give him a 30-minute walk every day. Whenever you take your sighthound out of the house, always use his leash.

If one day you can’t leave the house for a walk you can train your greyhound at home. If you have a sheltered yard or garden or a high enough fence, you can let your dog off leash to run around the space, but always under your supervision.

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